Our Story




August 1993

Family trip to Naples where we fell in love with wood fired pizza.

January/February 2013

Eugene lost his sales and marketing job.

Forcing him to pursue his dream of opening a pizzeria with The Bros.

April 2013

After three months of research the business plan

was presented to the bank and it got approved…GET IN!!!

The Dough Bros were officially in business.

Late April 2013

Our oven arrived from Italy.

We built our street food truck, and with it

Our very first pizza with our friends and family.

May 31st 2013

Our very first catering gig was a complete disaster. On the way home we had a bad crash, smashing our brand new street food truck into a bridge. It looked like our business had failed before it even began. But we couldn’t let that stop us.

June 2013

We had to beg, borrow and steal to get a new street food truck,

but we did it and were back on the road

at the women’s marathon on the 23rd of June.

Summer 2013

Life on the road… We took our baby all over the country

to events, markets, private parties, hoolies, shindigs, bar mitzvahs, you name it .

Boy did we work hard…. but we played twice as hard 😉


September – December 2013

We decided to stick with 4 fixed locations around Galway city, Where we built up a steady trade in each location which helped to build up a reputation around the city.

Parental Advisory Needed… HOW NOT TO CHOP WOOD

January 2014

Re-branding of the business. A new logo and a new look street food truck.

April 2014

We had a massive success at the Galway food festival, dishing out pizzas like never before. The following week, we went on to win the OMiG people’s choice award. With a total of 7000 votes we were named clear winners. Things were starting to come together.


Late April 2014

We saw that Dylan’s Cafe was idol and there was a chance to go in there on a pop up basis for the summer. We thought long and hard about it, over a pint or two, and decided life is too short, let’s roll the dice and see what happens. If you never try, you’ll never know


June 23rd 2014

The deal was agreed, 8 days to open, friends, family,

randomers, priests the lot,

all were dragged in for slave labour.

Some more useful than others… RONAN – POOR EFFORT

July 2nd 2014

We opened our doors for the very first time.

July 2014

Nothing prepared us for how business

would be. Talk about hitting the

ground running!

August 2014

The reviews started coming in

“Game changes in the Galway food scene”

“Galway’s latest pizzeria, might just be the best”

October-August 2014

Nominated by Image Magazine

As one of the top 3 food trucks in Ireland

December 2014

Next we were recommended as being the

top 100 places to eat in Ireland by the one and only

McKenna Guide.

“The Bros are gonna to take over the world”