Can't Bánh Mì Love Kit

Can't Bánh Mì Love Kit

Our love for the Bánh Mì sandwich came from our visit to Vietnam back in 2009. Like most food in Asia, the best Bánh Mì sambos came from an unassuming cart on the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere.⁠

It blew our minds how some of the best food we had ever tasted came from a street stall that most wouldn't even notice. That really stuck with us and was one of the inspirations for our food truck in 2013.⁠

When starting The Dough Bros, we knew we wanted to be a little bit left field and create flavours and combinations that show a bit of our personality and where we come from. ⁠

This pizza was the first special we had on the menu when we opened the pop-up in 2014. But what to call it? As it happens, Eugene was listening to a lot of The Beatles on that trip so it made perfect sense to name this special ‘Can't Bánh Mì Love’.⁠

It’s now become a cult classic on our menu and we hope you love it as much as we do.⁠

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