The Best New York Slices

The Best New York Slices

A couple of weeks ago we snuck off to NYC and New Haven for 4 nights to soak up the pizza scene. We try do a trip like this once every couple of years.

This time we focused on Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Lower East Side and we managed to get in New Haven also but that is a post for another day.

Here is our top 3 picks from our most recent trip to New Yooik.


L’Industrie. Williamsburg, Brooklyn

This is a new age pizzeria where the focus is on the dough and the fermentation. Which they have nailed and set a new bar. Incredible.

The line is big but moves fast. We went three times during our visit and couldn't get enough.


Scarr's Pizza. Lower East Side, Manhattan

It is so hard to pick between here and L’Industrie as they are equally as good but so very different.

It's one of the best slices we had, while the interior and vibe on another level. Put it on your list.


Luigi's. 5th Ave, Brooklyn

If L’industrie and Scarr's represent the modern pizza maker, Luigi’s is the man to represent old school pizzerias.

This was flawless and as good as any slice you will get. This place is a real treasure and the slice is gold standard.

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